LF News Maximise energy savings and reduce lifecycle costs with CompAir
CompAir has just announced the launch of a new range of high performance compressed air filters. The LF series combines state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated product design features in order to maximise energy saving potential and reduce lifecycle costs.
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FX News Energy efficient refrigerant dryer range launched
CompAir Australasia has just announced the launch of the FX series range of energy efficient refrigerant compressed air dryers. The new range can satisfy the requirements for clean and dry compressed air for a wide variety of applications and industry sectors.
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CEP News CompAir launches dedicated CEP division
CompAir Australasia has recently introduced a dedicated CEP division to meet growing customer demand across a range of offshore and onshore applications for Custom Engineered Products.
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Installation News Create compressed air energy savings of up to 50%
With a price on carbon due to be set on 1st July 2012, reducing energy costs has become even more important for industry. Gilbert McLean, discusses how energy savings of up to 50% can be made within a compressed air system.
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Quantima News Innovative compressor for low pressure applications
CompAir has announced the expansion of the Quantima range of innovative oil free centrifugal compressors with the introduction of the Q-70L model suitable for those applications which require lower pressure oil free compressed air.
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SmartAir Lite News CompAir Release NEW SmartAir Lite
The new SmartAir Lite, Compressed Air Intelligent controller is now officially launched and ready to order. It is designed to help customers achieve the highest levels of efficiency and system management.
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